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    Structure:The valve seat is a floating ball valve seat. The body of the valve seat is made of Engineering plastics. The back side of the seat and the body of the valve form a sealing pair, and the front side of the seat and the sphere form a sealing pair. The outer circle of the valve seat is designed with an exhaust groove to ensure that the strength of the valve seat is safe and effective under the condition of full differential pressure.

    Seat and body are clearance fit, easy to manufacture, install, disassemble and maintain. The process is simple and efficient, and the cost is low


    There are two seals on the front of the seat to ensure zero leakage.

    The elastic design on the back of the valve seat effectively improves the specific pressure of the sealing surface at low pressure, and the pre-tightening force required by the valve seat is small; the width of the sealing surface is automatically adjusted at high pressure, and the valve seat adapts to the pressure of the pipeline, so the sealing effect is the best.

    Apply:The structure seat can be used from low pressure to high pressure. The recommended size of Tengbo is DN15-DN150, pressure grade PN16-PN150, Class150-Class900.

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